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ICSC '95 - Third International Computer Science Conference:
Image Analysis Applications and Computer Graphics
Nikko Hotel, HONG KONG, 11-13 December, 1995

Organised and Sponsored by the IEEE Hong Kong Section, Computer Chapter.

In cooperation with IEEE Computer Society, International Association for
Pattern Recognition (IAPR), ACM (HK).

ICSC '95 is the Third International Conference on Computer Science to be
held in Hong Kong. Its purpose is to provide a forum for scientific
interchange among computer scientists and engineers from all over
the world, especially from the Asia-Pacific region. This conference
will focus on a broad spectrum of research topics related to
image analysis applications and computer graphics.

The proceedings will be published in the Springer-Verlag Lecture Notes
in Computer Science series in time for distribution at the conference.

General Chair: Horace H S Ip (City University of Hong Kong)
Program Chair: Roland Chin (University of Wisconsin &
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)
Program Committee:
Computer Graphics
Co-chair Avi Naiman (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)

Image Analysis
Co-chair: T.C. Pong (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)

International Program Committee:

Jake Aggarwal (U. of Texas)
Narendra Ahuja (U. of Illinois)
Terry Caelli (Curtin U. of Technology)
Francis Chin (U. of Hong Kong)
Charles Dyer (U. of Wisconsin)
Robert Haralick (U. of Washington)
Thomas Huang (U. of Illinois)
Anil Jain (Michigan State U.)
Josef Kittler (U. of Surrey)
Song De Ma (Inst. of Automation, Beijing)
Linda Shapiro (U. of Washington)
Yoshiaki Shirai (Osaka U.)
Ching Y. Suen (Concordia U.)
Demetri Terzopoulos (U. of Toronto)
Saburo Tsuji (Osaka U.)
Andrew Wong (U. of Waterloo)
Guang-You Xu (Tsinghua U.)

Local Program Committee:

Peter Tsang City University of Hong Kong
Andrew Luk City University of Hong Kong
H.T. Tsui Chinese University of Hong Kong
Lei Xu Chinese University of Hong Kong
Ronald Chung Chinese University of Hong Kong
Tong Lee Chinese University of Hong Kong
Andrew Choi University of Hong Kong
Chorkin Chan University of Hong Kong
Francis Chan University of Hong Kong
Peter Tam Hong Kong Polytechnic University
C.M. Lee Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Helen Shen Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
D.Y. Yeung Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Zhaoping Li Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
W.Y. Ng Chinese University of Hong Kong
P.C. Yuen Hong Kong Baptist University
Raymond Yip City University of Hong Kong

Additional reviewers:

Herb Yang University of Saskatchewan
S.K. Tso City University of Hong Kong
Oscar Au Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
W.K. Cham Chinese University of Hong Kong
Kelvin Yuen City University of Hong Kong
Andrew Horner Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Qing Li Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
William Cheung Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Isaac Ng Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Organising Committee:

Secretary: Andrew Layfield (CityU)
Treasurer: H F Ting (HKU)
Registration: Joseph Ng (BU), Andrew Luk (CityU)
Publicity: Ronald Chung (CUHK), H T Tsui (CUHK), Tong Lee (CUHK)
Publications: John C M Lee (HKUST)
Local Arragements: Karl Leung (HKPU)
IEEE (HK) representatives: Richard Chen, L W Chan

Co-sponsoring organisations: Baptist University, City University of Hong Kong,
Hong Kong Chinese University, Hong Kong Computer Society,
Hong Kong Institution of Engineers, Hong Kong Polytechnic University,
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology,
Hong Kong Society for Multimedia and Image Computing,
The University of Hong Kong.

Sponsored by Silicon Graphics Ltd., SUN Microsystems of California Ltd.,
Hong Kong Television Broadcasts Ltd. and Motorola Semiconductors Hong Kong Ltd.


DAY ONE: Prof. T. S. Huang
Beckman Institute for Advance Science and Technology
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
U. S. A.

Title: 3D MODEL-BASED VIDEO CODING: Computer Vision Meets Computer Graphics


Although the two disciplines of Computer Vision and Computer
Graphics originated and have evolved more or less independently
of each other, in many important recent applications they
have met and become intertwined. We shall describe one such
application: Trying to achieve very low bitrate video transmission
by a 3D model-based approach in the context of video phone and
teleconferencing. The idea is that if a 3D model of a person is
available at the receiving end, then only movement information
needs to be extracted and transmitted, which hopefully requires
a very low bitrate. Our talk will concentrate on the modeling,
analysis, and synthesis of facial movement and hand gestures.
Encouraging preliminary results will be presented. However, it
will be seen that many challenging issues have to be resolved
before the model-based approach can be viable.

Prof. Huang Biography

Thomas S. Huang received his B.S. Degree in Electrical Engineering
from National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan, China; and his M.S.
and Sc.D. Degrees in Electrical Engineering from the Massachusetts
Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts. He was on the
Faculty of the Department of Electrical Engineering at MIT from 1963
to 1973; and on the Faculty of the School of Electrical Engineering
and Director of its Laboratory for Information and Signal Processing
at Purdue University from 1973 to 1980. In 1980, he joined the
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where he is now Professor
of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Research Professor at the
Coordinated Science Laboratory, and Head of the Image Formation
and Processing Group at the Beckman Institute for Advanced Science
and Technology.

During his sabbatical leaves: Dr. Huang has worked at the MIT Lincoln
Laboratory, the IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center, and the Rheinishes
Landes Museum in Bonn, West Germany, and held visiting Professor
positions at the Swiss Institutes of Technology in Zurich and Lausanne,
University of Hannover in West Germany, INRS-Telecommunications of
the University of Quebec in Montreal, Canada and University of
Tokyo, Japan. He has served as a
consultant to numerous industrial firms and government agencies both in
the U.S. and abroad.

Dr. Huang's professional interests lie in the broad area of information
technology, especially the transmission and processing of multidimensional
signals. He has published 11 books, and over 250 papers in Network Theory,
Digital Filtering, Image Processing, and Computer Vision. He is a Fellow
of IEEE, and the Optical Society of American; and has received a Guggenheim
Fellowship (1971-72), an A.V. Humboldt Foundation Senior U.S. Scientist Award
(1976-77), and a Fellowship from the Japan Association for the Promotion of
Science (1986). He received the IEEE Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing
Society's Technical Achievement Award in 1987, and the Society Award in 1991.
He is an Editor of the
International Journal Computer Vision, Graphics, and Image Processing; and
Editor of the Springer Series in Information Sciences, published by Springer

DAY 2: John Lasseter
Director & Animator
Vice President, Creative Development, Pixar, U.S.A

Title: Creating Memorable Characters with Computers

John Lasseter is a world-renowned director and animator at Pixar
(Pt. Richmond, California), joining them in 1984 after five years as an
animator at Walt Disney Studios. Mr. Lasseter has directed numerous
computer-generated films and is currently directing the animated
feature Toy Story, to be released in November 1995, distributed
by Buena Vista Pictures under the Walt Disney Pictures banner. In
1988, Mr. Lasseter won an Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film
for Tin Toy, the first computer animated film to win an Oscar.
Other computer-animated films he has directed and/or animated
include Luxo Jr., Red's Dream and Knickknack.

Mr. Lasseter has given many tutorials on computer animation at Siggraph
and other computer graphics conferences and is often an invited speaker
to capacity crowds. He has also written articles for peer-reviewed
publications, including `Principles of Traditional Animation Applied
to 3D Computer Animation', Computer Graphics (Siggraph '87
Proceedings), Volume 21, July 1987, pp. 35-44.


Image Analysis Applications Computer Graphics

Robot Navigation and Tracking Scientific Visualization
Feature Extraction Geometric Modelling
Document Processing Curves & Surfaces

3D Image Analysis Rendering
Biomedical Imaging Image Synthesis

Application Systems Simulation and Animation
Optical Character Recognition Human Models


Title: Document Image Analysis Techniques: An Overview

Prof. Rangachar Kasturi, Professor of computer science and engineering,
Pennsylvania State University, U.S.A.

Objectives: This course will enable the participant to:

1. learn the basic principles of document image analysis methods for
optical character and graphics recognition
2. become familiar with the capabilities and limitations of automatic
document image processing techniques
3. understand the relationships among various system components to
facilitate systematic evaluation of document image analysis systems
4. know the state-of-the-art in vectorizers for converting
engineering drawings and maps.

Contents: Document image analysis systems automatically extract
formation from scanned images of paper-based documents. Such systems
recognize characters, symbols, and lines, establish spatial and
semantic relationships, and determine the overall structure. Their
output facilitates efficient storage, retrieval, and editing of the
documents' contents. The general procedure and sequence of methods
used in document image analysis are: data captured preprocessing,
segmentation and layout analysis, feature extraction and matching, text
and graphics recognition and interpretation. An overview of each of
these topics will be presented in this course. Applications of the
techniques discussed include automatic processing of business letters
and forms, conversion of engineering drawings and maps, input technical
manuals and journals for creating digital libraries, automatic handling
of mail pieces, and recognition of musical notes, shorthand scripts,
etc. However, specific commercial systems will not be discussed.

Intended Audience: Anyone who must deal with large volumes of
paper-based documents and their conversion into computer readable form
for efficient storage, retrieval, and manipulation. The course would
help both computer engineers who design document analysis systems and
managers who specify and evaluate such systems. Some familiarity with
basic principles of digital image processing is helpful.

About the Instructor:

Rangachar Kasturi is a professor of computer science and engineering at
the Pennsylvania State University. He received his Ph.D. degree in
electrical engineering from Texas Tech University in 1982. Dr. Kasturi
has directed many research projects in the document image analysis
area. He is a coauthor of the text, Machine Vision, McGraw-Hill, 1995,
and co-editor of the books, Document Image Analysis, Computer Vision:
Principles and Applications, and Image Analysis Applications. He is
the editor-in-chief of the IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and
Machine Intelligence.

Text: L. O'Gorman and R. Kasturi, Document Image Analysis Techniques,
IEEE Computer Society Press, 1994 (included in the tutorial fee)

Duration: Half day.

Fee: HK$800 for member* ; HK$900 for others;

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3

8:45- 9:00 Opening Remarks

9:00-10:40 IA1a / CG1a IA2a / CG2a IA3a / CG3a

10:40-11:00 Break Break Break

11:00-12:00 Invited talk Invited talk IA3b / CG3b (11:00-12:20)
T S Huang J Lasseter

12:00- 1:50 Lunch Lunch Lunch (12:20-1:30)

1:50- 3:30 IA1b / CG1b IA2b / CG2b Tutorial (1:30-5:00)
3:30- 3:50 Break Break |
3:50- 5:10 IA1c / CG1c IA Posters V

Reception Banquet

Oral Presentations

Day 1

1st Session

IA1a -- Robot Navigation & Tracking

Title: Autonomous Mobile Robot Navigation Using Fish-
Eye Lenses
Author(s): Shishir Shah and J.K. Aggarwal
Institutions: The University of Texas at Austin

Title: High-Performance Tracking System
Author(s): Jiantao Huang
Institutions: Yale University

Title: A 3D Predictive Visual Tracker for Tracking
Multiple Moving Objects with an Active Binocular
Author(s): Yi-Ping Hung*, Cheng-Yuan Tang**, Zen Chen**,
Sheng-Wen Shih*** and Wei-Song Lin***
Institutions: *Academia Sinica, **National Chiao Tung University
and ***National Taiwan University

Title: Vision Guided Circumnavigating Autonomous Robots
Author(s): Nick Barnes and Zhi-Qiang Liu
Institutions: The University of Melbourne

Title: Visual Exploration of a Robot Workspace using
Viewpoints on a Moving Virtual Sphere
Author(s): Roy Eagleson and Man Fai So
Institutions: Ryerson University

CG1a -- Scientific Visualization

Title: The Deformed Cube: A Visualization Technique for
3D Velocity Vector Field
Author(s): Xundong Liang, Bin Li and Shenquan Liu
Institutions: Institute of Computing Technology Academia Sinica

Title: Interactive Particle Tracing Algorithm for
Unstructured Grids
Author(s): Jicheng Ren, Guangzhou Zeng and Shenquan Liu
Institutions: Institute of Computing Technology Academia Sinica

Title: Fast Resampling Using Vector Quantization
Author(s): Patrick C. Teo and Chase D. Garfinkle
Institutions: Stanford University

Title: A B-spline Surface Interpolation Technique for
Reconstructing 3D Objects from Serial Arbitrary
Shaped Planar Contours
Author(s): Meihe Xu, Zesheng Tang and Junhui Deng
Institutions: Tsinghua University

2nd Session

IA1b -- Feature Detection

Title: Two Methods for a Reliable Corner Detection in 2D
Author(s): Richard Lengagne*, Olivier Monga*, Cong Ge** and
Ma Song De**
Institutions: *INRIA, Domaine de Voluceau-Rocquencourt and
**Chinese Academy of Sciences

Title: Feature Detection Using Oriented Local Energy for
3D Confocal Microscope Images
Author(s): Chris Pudney, Peter Kovesi and Ben Robbins
Institutions: The University of Western Australia

Title: On the Deletability of Points in 3D Thinning
Author(s): R. Watzel*, K. Braun**, A. Hess** and H. Scheich**
Institutions: *Fachgebiet Digitaltechnik and **Federal Intitute
for Neurobiology

Title: Real-time Textured Object Recognition on
Distributed Systems
Author(s): J. You*, W.P. Zhu*, H.A. Cohen** and E.
Institutions: *University of South Australia, **La Trobe
University and ***Universite Paris XI

Title: Force-driven optimization for correspondence
Author(s): W.H. Wong and Horace H.S. Ip
Institutions: City University of Hong Kong

CG1b -- Geometric Modeling

Title: GEOFF - A Geometrical Editor for Fold Formation
Author(s): Hing N. Ng and Richard L. Grimsdale
Institutions: University of Sussex

Title: Simplification of Polygonal Surface with
Author(s): Eihachiro Nakamae*, Jianyun Chai** and Hiroyuki
Inuyama***, Fujiwa Kato****
Institutions: *Hiroshima Prefectural University, **Tsinghua
University, ***Sanei Co., Ltd. and ****Tokyo
Electric Power Co., Inc.

Title: Reducing Polygonal Data by Structural Grouping
Author(s): Daisuke Nishioka and Mikio Nagasawa
Institutions: Central Research Laboratory, HITACHI

Title: An Object-Oriented Architecture for Chinese
Character Composition
Author(s): Ivan S.B. Wong and Avi Naiman
Institutions: Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

3rd Session

IA1c -- Document Processing

Title: Bank Check Reading: Recognizing the Courtesy
Author(s): Valeri Anisimov*, Nikolai Gorski*&**, David
Price**, Olivier Baret** and Stefan Knerr**
Institutions: *SPIIRAS, 39, 14th Line and **A2iA, Tour CIT, BP59

Title: Off-Line Signature Verification, Without a Priori
Knowledge of Class W2. A Natural Approach
Author(s): Nabeel A. Murshed*, Fl vio Bortolozzi* and Robert
Institutions: *Centro Federal de Educacao Tecnol"gica do Paran
(CEFET-PR) and **Ecole de Technologie Superieure

Title: An Automatic Extraction Approach of Road
Information on the Basis of Recognition of
Character Regions
Author(s): Masakazu Nishijima and Toyohide Watanabe
Institutions: Nagoya University

Title: Interpreting Music Manuscripts: A Logic-Based,
Object-Oriented Approach
Author(s): W. Brent Seales and Arcot Rajasekar
Institutions: University of Kentucky

CG1c -- Curves & Surfaces

Title: Modifying and Controlling of Smooth Closed
Author(s): Lizhuang Ma and Qunsheng Peng
Institutions: Zhejiang University

Title: Conversion from Surface to Solid Models via a
Topology Analyzer
Author(s): Xuejun Sheng and Ingo Meier
Institutions: University of Bremen

Title: Designing of 3D rectangular objects
Author(s): Muhammad Sarfraz
Institutions: King Fahd University

2nd Day

1st Session

IA2a -- 3-D Image Analysis

Title: Adaptive Hierarchical Indexing and Constrained
Localization: Matching Characteristic Views
Author(s): Gunter Bellaire and Matthias Lebbe
Institutions: Institut fur Technische Informatik, TU Berlin

Title: Statistical Estimation for Exterior Orientation
from Line-to-Line Correspondences
Author(s): Chung-Nan Lee* and Robert M. Haralick**
Institutions: *National Sun Yat-Sen University and **University
of Washington

Title: High Level Scene Interpretation using Fuzzy Belief
Author(s): Sandy Dance and Zhi-Qiang Liu
Institutions: University of Melbourne

Title: A Comparative Study of Camera Calibration
Techniques for Image-Robot Mapping in a Fabric
Handling Cell
Author(s): T.A. Mitchell, J. Chestney and M. Sarhadi
Institutions: Brunel University

Title: Estimating Shape and Reflectance of Surfaces by
Color Image Analysis
Author(s): Yingli Tian and Hungtat Tsui
Institutions: The Chinese University of Hong Kong

CG2a -- Rendering

Title: An Adaptive Supersampling Method
Author(s): Rynson W.H. Lau
Institutions: Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Title: Dynamic Memory Mapping for Window Based Display
Author(s): C.M. Ng
Institutions: University of Ulster

Title: Irregular 3D Meshes Depth Sorting Algorithms
Author(s): Yong Zhou and Zesheng Tang
Institutions: Tsinghua University

Title: A New Chain Coding Scheme for Cursive Script and
Line Drawings
Author(s): H. Yuen and L. Hanzo
Institutions: University of Southampton

2nd Session

IA2b -- Biomedical Imaging

Title: Computer Assisted Lung Cancer Diagnosis Based on
Helical CT Images
Author(s): K.Kanazawa, M.Kubo, N.Niki, H.Satoh, H.Ohmatsu,
K.Eguchi and N.Moriyama
Institutions: University of Tokushima

Title: Neural Networks for the Segmentation of Magnetic
Resonance Images
Author(s): Rachid Sammouda, Noboru Niki and Hiromu Nishitani
Institutions: University of Tokushima

Title: Multiresolution Adaptive K-means Algorithm for
Segmentation of Brain MRI
Author(s): B. C. Vemuri, S. Rahman and J. Li
Institutions: University of Florida

Title: Computer-Aided Lung Nodule Detection in Chest
Author(s): Maria J. Carreira*, Manuel G. Penedo**, Diego
Cabello* and Jose M. Pardo*
Institutions: *Univ. Santiago de Compostela and **Univ. A Coru$a

Title: Computer-Assisted Analysis and 3D Visualization
of Blood Vessels Based on Cone-Beam CT Images
Author(s): Yoshiki Kawata, Noboru Niki and Tatsuo Kumazaki
Institutions: University of Tokushima

CG2b -- Image Synthesis

Title: Advancing Front Meshing for Radiosity Solutions
Author(s): George Baciu and Rico K.W. Tsang
Institutions: The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Title: An Efficient Cluster-based Hierarchical
Progressive Radiosity Algorithm
Author(s): Karol Myszkowski and Tosiyasu L. Kunii
Institutions: The University of Aizu

Title: A Model of Skylight and Calculation of Its
Author(s): Guofang Jiao*, Eihachiro Nakamae**, Katsumi
Tadamura** and Fujiwa Kato***
Institutions: *Sanei Giken Co. Ltd., **Hiroshima Prefectural
University and ***Tokyo Electrical Power Company

Title: Ray Tracing Stereoscopic Images
Author(s): Gabriel K.P. Fung, Horace H.S. Ip and Ken C.K. Law
Institutions: City University of Hong Kong

3rd DAY

1st Session

IA3a -- Application Systems

Title: Classification Algorithm for Multi-Echo Magnetic
Resonance Image Using Gibbs Distributions
Author(s): Junchul Chun* and Ian R. Greenshields**
Institutions: *Kyonggi University and **University of

Title: Parameter Estimation for SAR Image by a Model
Based Approach
Author(s): Fang Luo*, Liu Lu**, Z. Houkes** and N.J. Mulder*
Institutions: *International Institute for Aerospace Survey and
Earth Science and **University of Twente

Title: A Synthesized Computer Recognition System for
Human Hands
Author(s): Chuanxue Wang, Hanqing Lu and SongDe Ma
Institutions: Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of

Title: Independent Hand Gesture Recognition in HandTalker
Author(s): Wen Gao* and Shuanglin Wang**
Institutions: *Harbin Institute Technology and **Artificial
Intelligent Laboratory, MIT

Title: An Adaptive Estimation and Segmentation Technique
for Determination of Major Maceral Groups in Coal
Author(s): J. Dehmeshki, M.F. Daemi, R.E. Marston and N.J.
Institutions: University of Nottingham

CG3a -- Simulation & Animation

Title: An Interface for Synthesizing 3D Multibody
Author(s): George Baciu and Brian L.P. Lee
Institutions: The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Title: Importance Ordering for Real-Time Depth of Field
Author(s): Paul Fearing
Institutions: University of British Columbia

Title: A Behavioural Control Framework for Computer
Animation using AI Techinques
Author(s): Carlos S.N. Ho and Richard L. Grimsdale
Institutions: University of Sussex

Title: Time-Space Weighting for Image Sequence
Author(s): Hagit Zabrodsky Hel-Or
Institutions: Stanford University

2rd Session

IA3b -- Optical Character Recognition

Title: On-line Chinese Character Recognition with
Attributed Relational Graph Matching
Author(s): Jianzhuang Liu and W. K. Cham
Institutions: The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Title: Multiple/Parallel Handprinted Digit Recognition
Author(s): J.R. Parker
Institutions: University of Calgary

Title: On-line Model-based Recognition of Handwritten
Alphanumeric Characters
Author(s): Xiaolin Li and Dit-Yan Yeung
Institutions: The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Title: Noisy Subsequence Recognition Using Constrained
String Editing Involving Substitutions,
Insertions, Deletions and Generalized
Author(s): B.J. Oommen and R.K.S. Loke
Institutions: Carleton University

CG3b -- Human Models

Title: Expression and Motion Control of Hair using Fast
Collision Detection Methods
Author(s): Makoto Ando* and Shigeo Morishima**
Institutions: *Seikei University and **University of Toronto

Title: 3-D Emotion Space for Interactive Communication
Author(s): Fumio Kawakami*, Hiroshi Yamada** and Shigeo
Institutions: *Seikei University, **Kawamura College and
***University of Toronto

Title: Iterative Human Facial Expression Modeling
Author(s): Antai Peng and Monson H. Hayes
Institutions: George Tech

Poster Presentations

Title: Applying Imprecise Algorithms to Real-Time Image and Video
Author(s): Xiaofen Huang and Albert M.K. Cheng
Institutions: University of Houston

Title: Texture Comparison Based on Selected Texture
Author(s): David A. Gadishev and David K.Y. Chiu
Institutions: University of Guelph

Title: B-spline Based Multiscale Signal Derivative
Author(s): Ge Cong and SongDe Ma
Institutions: Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of

Title: Texture Analysis of Ultrasonic Images Using
Backpropagation Neural Networks
Author(s): Jo Ann Parikh**, John DaPonte**, Meledath
Damodaran*, Angelos Karageorgiou** and Petros
Institutions: *University of Houston, **Southern Connecticut State
University and ***University of Bridgeport

Title: Shape from Shading Using Near Point Light Sources
Author(s): Sheng-Liang Kao and Chiou-Shann Fuh
Institutions: National Taiwan University

Title: An Inherent Probabilistic Aspect of the Hough
Author(s): Zhanyi Hu and Songde Ma
Institutions: Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of

Title: Feature Replenishment for Long-Term Visual Motion
Author(s): Tak-Keung (Derek) Cheng, Les Kitchen and Zhi-Qiang
Institutions: The University of Melbourne

Title: Mechanisms for Automatic Extraction of Primary
Features for Video Indexing
Author(s): Donald Adjeroh and Moon Chuen Lee
Institutions: The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Title: Low Bound Estimation of Image Compression Coding
with A Given Reconstructed Image Quality
Author(s): Huijuan Li*, Qingdong Yao**, Jaeho Choi* and
Hongsung Kwak*
Institutions: *Chonbuk National University and **Zhejiang

Title: A Fuzzy Structural Approach to Handwritten Word
Author(s): Richard Buse and Zhi-Qiang Liu
Institutions: The University of Melbourne

Title: Geographic map understanding. Algorithms for
hydrographic network reconstruction
Author(s): R. Mariani*, M.P. Deseilligny*, J. Labiche**, Y.
Lecourtier*** and R. Mullot***
Institutions: *IGN/DT/SR, Laboratoire MATIS, **LACP, Universite
de Caen and ***La3i-Lacis. Universite de Rouen

Title: Automatic Analyzing of a Weaving Design With the
Spatial Frequency Components
Author(s): Ken'ichi Ohta, Yoshito Nonaka and Fujio Miyawaki
Institutions: Himeji Insititute of Technology

Title: An Arabic OCR Using Neural Network Classifiers
Author(s): Hazem Raafat* and Gasser Auda**
Institutions: *Kuwait University and **University of Waterloo

Title: Visual Inspection of Watermeters used for
Automatic Calibration
Author(s): Robert Sablatnig and Christian Hansen
Institutions: Technical University Vienna

Title: Computer Aided Diagnosis in Radiology
Author(s): S. Vitulano
Institutions: Universit di Cagliari-Via S.Giorgio

Title: Digital Image Analysis for Dating of Old
Author(s): E. Wenger*, V.N. Karnaukhov**, A. Haidinger* and
N.S. Merzlyakov**
Institutions: *Austrian Academy of Sciences and **Russian
Academy of Sciences

Title: Stereo Matching by Using Image Transformation for
Model Building
Author(s): Lin Xueyin and Deng Wen
Institutions: Tsinghua University

Title: Recognition of Engineering Drawings Based on Frame
Structure Theory
Author(s): Xu Yaodong and Ying Daoning
Institutions: Zhejiang University

Title: Document Layout Analysis Using Pattern
Classification Method
Author(s): Masaki Yamaoka and Osamu Iwaki
Institutions: NTT Data Communications Systems Corporation

Title: Contour Decomposition Using Dominant points and
Moment Difference Method
Author(s): P.C. Yuen*, S.D. Ma**, J. Liu* and Y.S. Yeung*
Institutions: *Hong Kong Baptist University and **Chinese
Academy of Sciences

Title: Machine Printed Arabic Characters Recognition
Based on MCR Expression
Author(s): AbdelMalek B.C. Zidouri, Supoj Chinveeraphan and
Makoto Sato
Institutions: Tokyo Institute of Technology

Title: FERSA: Lip-Sync Animation
Author(s): P. Griffin and H. Noot
Institutions: GB Amsterdam


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66 Mody Road, Tsimshatsui East, Kowloon, Hong Kong.
phone: (+852) 2732-2268 fax: (+852) 2723-8033.
H.K. Travel Agents Licence NO. 350018

Please complete all the information (type or print), and mail directly
to the Morning Star Travel Service Ltd. If faxing or phoning
reservation, please mention ICSC'95.


Please check one of the hotels and advise your alternative choice. You
are required to complete the following information and return by fax
(No: (+852) 2723-8033) or airmail before 25 October 1995. Room confirmation is
subject to availability from the hotel you selected.

Full Name:
(Surname) (First Name)
Passport No:

Please tick your first choice hotel and indicate second choice
[ ] Nikko Hotel Daily rate at HK$ 1750 per night (Harbour View Room)
[ ] Nikko Hotel Daily rate at HK$ 1520 per night (Superior Room)
[ ] Regal Kowloon Daily rate at HK$ 1380 per night
[ ] Guangdong Hotel Daily rate at HK$ 970 per night
[ ] Imperial Hotel Daily rate at HK$ 710 per night

2nd choice hotel:

Arrival Flight:

Period of stay:
Check in:
Check out:


Please [ ] arrange arrival transfer for me from airport to hotel
[ ] do not arrange

One way transfer at US$ 10 per person


I am / my spouse is interested in joining the:

[ ] Hong Kong Island Tour (4 hours) HK$ 200 per person
[ ] Kowloon and New Territories (4 hours) HK$ 200 per person
[ ] Pearl's Night Tour with dinner (5 hours) HK$ 500 per person
[ ] Ocean Park Tour (4 hours) HK$ 320 per person
[ ] One day "Splendid China Tour" (9 hours) HK$ 620 per person

Payment Terms:

In order to guarantee your reservation of accommodation, the hotel will
require a one night deposit forwarded to Morning Star Travel Service
Ltd. before 25 October 1995.

For sightseeing and transfer, you are required to forward a full
payment 14 days prior to departure in order to secure space.

Payment can be made either by Company cheque or bank draft only.


Currency Exchange: US$ 1 = (approx.) HK$ 7.8

Hotel Information: Nikko Hotel *****
72, Mody Road, Tsimshatsui East, Kowloon
Phone: (+852) 2739-1111

Regal Kowloon *****
71, Mody Road, Tsimshatsui East, Kowloon
Phone: (+852) 2722-1818

Guangdong Hotel ***
18 Prat Avenue, Tsimshatsui, Kowloon
Phone: (+852) 2739-3311

Imperial Hotel ***
30-34 Nathan Road, Tsimshatsui, Kowloon
Phone: (+852) 2366-2201

Walking distance from conference venue (Hotel Nikko): Regal Kowloon and
Guangdong Hotels (within 10 minutes); Imperial Hotel (15-20) minutes.


Hong Kong, widely known as the Pearl of the Orient, is one of the major
commercial and financial centers in the world. It also houses a harbor
that is the world's busiest container terminal. There are over 6
million residents in the city; the excitement within such a large
community is just as much a visitor attraction as the tens of thousands
of shops selling the world's luxuries duty-free.

Contrary to what many people think, Hong Kong is not just skyscraper
buildings. There are a large portion of nice scenery and a number of
assorted islands where one can still smell the rural life. Its
proximity to China is also a major attraction; one can get to Shenzhen,
a booming border city of China, within an hour by train from Hong Kong.

Most countries' citizens have visa-free access to Hong Kong, and its
airport has direct flights to most major cities around the world.


To be placed on the mailing list for future announcements, send name
and address to the conference secretariat: ICSC'95, Department of
Computer Science, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Clear
Water Bay, Hong Kong;
E-mail: icsc@cs.ust.hk, FAX: (+852) 2358-1477.